Why You Should Avoid Social Media

Social media is something that we tend to overuse quite a bit of the time. This is because of the fact that using it can be such a profoundly addictive experience. Indeed, studies have been conducted that compare the use of social media to drug use because of the fact that the effects that it has on your brain chemistry are actually pretty similar. Both of them result in a rush of pleasure chemicals being released in your brain after all, so it is understandable why some people are addicted to social media.

However, it is important to use social media sparing. If you have been paying attention to the articles that came out all throughout last year, social media platforms are not very good at handling your data, and the fact of the matter is they have more of your data than you realize. Hence, you are not going to get much privacy if you are on social media. All of your data ends up getting harvested to sell to ad agencies. That is how these enormous platforms are able to provide services to people completely free of charge. They end up earning tons of money like this instead.

Another reason that you should avoid social media is because of the fact that it is a productivity trap. You are not going to get much work done if you end up tumbling down the rabbit hole that is social media. Indeed, you are probably going to end up feeling bad as well because you did not get any work done over the course of the day. Check out quantum.ca to find out more about how social media can be bad for you. It can potentially put your career at risk so you should definitely cut down.