What to Look For in a Photo Light Box

If you’ve been into photography for a while now, you probably know a lot about photo light boxes already but if you’re new to the whole thing then you might be sitting there right now and scratching your head and wondering what we’re on about. On this page, we’ll not only tell you what these things are and why they’re so cool but we’ll also let you in on what you need to look for before going online and buying Amazon soft boxes for your photography.

To begin with, photo light boxes or soft boxes are well lit spaces in which you can place an item to get a good photo of it. You’ve probably noticed how most product photos on amazon and other online retailers and reviewers have a white background; this white background is only possible thanks to soft boxes and if you want to try your hand at product photography as well then you’re going to want to invest in one of these for yourself as well. Here’s what you need to be looking for when you’re shopping around for your own light box.


These Amazon soft boxes come in a lot of different sizes that you need to know about before you go ahead and buy one for yourself. As a beginner, it’s a good idea to start with a small countertop box but as you start getting larger items to photograph, you can move on to larger soft boxes as well.

Adjustable Lighting

It’s a good idea to make sure that you can adjust the brightness of the light box to a degree that you can find the sweet spot that lights up the subject without hurting your eyes or flaring up the details.