Reiki: A Brief Guide

The horizon for self-care growing each day and with it, the need for self caring, relaxing therapies. Reiki is an infamous physical treatment which helps people towards their overall well-being, as well as a stress free life.

So what is Reiki? It is by common definition referred to as transfer of life energy. Reiki is an old Japanese therapeutic technique which helps in the restoration of life energy into individuals who lack it due to some illness. The word Reiki too is a Japanese one, where Rei refers to “universal” and Ki refers to “life energy”.

In the practical world, Reiki comes into play with the belief that all living beings have an energy which is necessary to sustain a relaxed, happy and stress-free life. This energy can be seriously effected with the inhibition of any kind of illness, which can in turn temper with the stress level of the individual. Reiki’s therapeutic methods include the transfer of energy from a local Reiki practitioner to a client with the use of their hands.

The overall sensation and vibe of a Reiki session is that of relaxation, accompanied by soothing hand movements. During the 15 to 90 minutes session, the client’s wishes and demands are thoroughly respected, from their type of music preferred to only touching those areas which the client has consented to, etc.

Reiki is known to aid to the healing process of several illnesses, which range from being emotional to physical, both. The illnesses most commonly include cancer, heart diseases, depression, anxiety, autism, chronic illnesses, infertility, etc. However, it must be noted that Reiki and proper medical treatment go hand in hand. Reiki aims and targets the stress factor in the underlying of all these illnesses, which in turn makes the client feel relaxed and stress-free.