Finding Your Reiki Master

Reiki is a great practice and if you have recently come across brochures, blog posts or have just happened to hear people talking about their own experience with reiki classes, you might be tempted to join one yourself. However, in order to make sure that you truly benefit from reiki classes, you need to have a good class, and most importantly, a good reiki master.

You need to have a reiki master that you are compatible with, because every reiki master has their own unique style of teaching and energy, and you have your own separate personality, and you cannot expect to get along with the first reiki master that you meet. You actually need to take up different classes offered by different masters before you can find one that actually works for you. Some people find their master immediately, and some people take a little longer, and that is fine. So, you should start out by printing a list of reiki master in Chicago, and then start taking their classes until you find one that just works for you.

Some reiki masters will provide a more mechanical and straight-forward approach that involves manuals and guides, and that can really well for some people, and other reiki masters might disregard that entire aspect and focus solely on the experiential aspect of reiki, some masters might completely disregard religion and others might actively involve religion in their teachings. So, you need to find the class that fits your beliefs and way of working.

Your philosophy should align with your reiki master’s because if both of you happen to have different beliefs and philosophies regarding reiki or the most basic questions, then you will not be able to benefit from whatever you reiki master will have to offer or teach.