Coming Through

Starting out in any sport will mean having to commit. You don’t find good players that haven’t put hours into their sport and for their team. Sure, there are many players who have talent but sports like basketball are team efforts and it takes coordination in order to win the match. When getting into basketball or any sport for that matter, they usually end up overthinking during their games and missing perfectly good shots because they’re too worried or preoccupied with something that might have happened earlier. Clearing your mind and focusing on the game is crucial in a game like basketball.

Short players will find themselves at a disadvantage in basketball in particular. The hoops are high and the shots have to be too and it can be intimidating to have someone taller than you blocking your shot. Short players won’t be able to make do with a better shot when that happens so they need to adapt to the situation. You can find many basketball tips for short players online but know that there isn’t just one way to shoot the ball. Faking a shot can be very useful for shorter players and instead passing it to a team mate is a good way to get around the height difference.

When making a shot, you shouldn’t let your arm be tense all the way through. Let it be looser to keep it ready for the next one. Think about your shots during practice because you’ll end up calculating too much and taking too much time to decide between passing or shooting and eventually doing neither. These are some of the worst things that could happen during a sports match and is detrimental to your team. Removing negative thoughts can really help boost up your shot percentage.