How Radar Detectors Work?

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a speed ticket on the highway when you are having a good time. Installing a radar detector on your dashboard might reduce your chances of being detected by the police and would notify you about slowing down your vehicle before becoming visible to the cops. This way not only can you avoid being pulled over but you can also ensure your safety. Many times we might not be aware that we are driving our car past the speed limit which can get us into serious trouble.

Radio wave technologies are caught by the radars installed on top of the police cars which calculate the rate at which a vehicle is moving forward in relation to the time. Doppler Effect is applied in these gadgets as the device catches all the signals that are bounced back to them from any moving objects in their specific radius. When driving in a new city you might not be aware of the speed traps and cameras installed in various locations, and having a radar detector in your car can come in handy. Make sure to check out AvtoWow’s official Pinterest to get additional information about the best product latest products in the market.

The change in frequency of stationary objects in relation to the objects in motion helps the radars identify the precise speed. Depending upon the direction towards which a vehicle is moving, the returned frequency can be converted by the radars to give accurate results. In the latest models of radar detectors, you can easily get a warning signal even before the police car radars identifies you. Some gadgets also have radio transmitters that disrupt the reading capability of the radars in the police vehicles so that they cannot calculate the exact speed.

Car Window Tints: A Good Investment

Global warming is very real. Regardless of what news channel or social media you might be going through, you will eventually stumble upon some news about global warming, and even if you do not find it on the news, you can quite literally feel the effects of global warming every year. For instance, the UK had its hottest summer ever this year, and heat waves are beginning to become the norm in different parts of the world.

You probably felt the heat this summer too, and tried to avoid going out in daylight as much as you possibly could. It is actually preferred for you to avoid the heat and limit UV and sunlight exposure as much as you possibly can, and there are a lot of ways you can do that, and still go about your daily life. One such example is to opt for window tints on your car.

Windows tints can help filter sunlight and UV rays, and the best window tint can even block more than 50% of sunlight from entering your car. This basically allows your car to stay cooler, so you do not feel like your melting for the first 15 minutes after entering your car, prompting you to turn your AC on full blast. Since a window tint helps filter sunlight and UV rays, your skin is not directly exposed to it either, and it is really important to keep our skin protected from UV rays so as to avoid possible skin problems that can otherwise develop.  Car window tints also happen to help elongate the running life of your car’s interior since your car’s interior is not then exposed to harsh sunlight that would otherwise cause sun damage to the interior, making it lose color and fade.

A Look at The 2019 Acura RDX

For those of you who saw the RDX prototype that Acura showcased in the Detroit Auto Show that took place during January, the prototype’s innovative and eye-catching features were bound to have left you waiting for more news on its development. Fast forward to the New York Auto Show and you will have all of your curiosity regarding the RDX prototype satiated by the 2019  Acura RDX; the company’s latest and (so far) greatest compact luxury SUV.

The Acura RDX’s design borrows a lot from the precision concept of 2016, the car has a less aggressive looking nose and its overall look places greater emphasis on sculpts that make the car look more sporty and give it an easy going kind of feel. The interior of the car is influenced by the 2016 precision concept as well; the dashboard is designed with the NSX in mind and there are several buttons that let the driver interact with various features. The most prominent feature of the Acura RDX’s interior is its 10.2 inch infotainment screen, it comes with a True Touchpad Interface; the screen behaves a lot more like a smartphone screen which makes using it feel more natural. Another great thing about the infotainment system is that its screen features two “zones”, allowing you to view more than one app at the same time.

The Acura RDX also boasts LED headlights, a keyless entry system, powered tailgate, a moonroof, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and more features that will make driving the RDX quite enjoyable. It also comes with the standard AcuraWatch safety suite which ensures safer driving.

The RDX also features 20 inch alloy rims with extremely thin rubber tires, coupled with glossy black accents all across the car’s body that really give it a ready to rumble kind of look. Its interior is also designed to be quite sporty with either red or black leather seats with contrasting stitching and a red illuminated gauge cluster with an attractive satin finish.

Regardless of what Acura RDX variant you go for, you will get access to a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine with a whopping 272 horsepower and 280 pounds/feet of torque. The engine will be complemented by a 10 speed automatic/standard all-wheel drive, the car maker’s AWD system will allow 70% of the engine’s torque to reach the rear wheels, meaning that this car shall be more than capable of providing a superb amount of driving power.

The Acura RDX is going to become available in somewhere in the middle of 2018 and its pricing is yet to be announced. Till then, all we can do is sit and drool over what pictures we have of this incredible luxury SUV.

Notable Features of The New Lincoln Aviator

Luxury SUVs provide a great mix of driving power, class and a plethora of features that make them incredibly fun to drive, Lincoln is releasing a new version of its Aviator that shall be available at some point in 2019, so far they have unveiled this classy looking SUV at the New York International Auto Show of 2018. The all new Aviator has a number of notable features that makes it’s a fascinating entry to Lincoln’s collection of mid-sized luxury SUVs.

The latest model of the Aviator will feature a rear wheel drive platform that will not only make its handling more dynamic, but also allow Lincoln to compete with other luxury brands such as BMW with greater confidence. Having a rear wheel drive will also give the new Aviator a more premium feel and give it an advantage over premium brands that are still sticking to front wheel drives.

It will also feature a twin turbocharged engine along with a plug-in hybrid option that will basically give the Aviator much more power compared to the rest of its competition. While having both of these features in one vehicle will definitely make the price tag soar, it will also make the Aviator a very high end vehicle.

The Aviator previously allowed owners to access the car with their smartphone, and now the latest version of the car will also offer the ability to start the car with your phone. You will no longer need to carry the car’s key with you in order to start it, and should your phone run out of battery, an exterior keypad will act as a backup.

Lincoln shall also be introducing the Lincoln Suspension Preview Technology which will use a front facing camera to scan the road and adjust the vehicle’s suspension to absorb shocks and shakes caused by any uneven surfaces. This feature will make driving the new Aviator significantly more comfortable.

The new Aviator is also going to come loaded with a number of technological features that will assist the driver in handling the vehicle. Features such as automated emergency brakes, pedestrian detection and blind spot detection will all be provided in the Lincoln Co-Pilot360.

Another interesting use of innovative technology in the Lincoln Aviator will be its considerate prompts that will provide drivers with suggestions on where to go depending on various factors. For example, should the car be low on fuel, the infotainment panel will be updated with routes to nearby gas stations from where the car can be refuelled.

The foldable third row in the new Aviator will supposedly have enough space to comfortably seat an adult who is six feet tall, which is pretty impressive since many SUVs fail to provide ample sitting space in their third row. Overall, the Lincoln Aviator hold a lot of promise and has everyone anxiously waiting for the day when this classy looking SUV will grace the road with its presence.

The 2019 Subaru Forester, Rugged Yet Still The Same

The 2019 model of the Subaru Forester has been revealed at last; the all new vehicle boasts a plethora of old and new features along with an exterior design that manages to add more to the vehicle’s looks without moving too far away from its traditional appeal. The all new Subaru Forester’s new look makes the vehicle look much more rugged with its larger glossy black front grilles, LED powered headlights and its more angled wheel arch frames. The exterior does not just boast cosmetic changes, its overall shape and size has been tweaked as well, allowing the vehicle to offer 1.4 inches more leg space in the back, it also has a wheelbase that is 1.2 inches longer.

The vehicle’s seats have been upgraded to provide greater comfort and its central tunnel is roomier than ever thanks to the addition of an electronic parking break, the interior doors feature wider openings and the C-pillar has been redesigned to be steeper. The cargo area of the vehicle has a more square shape and a flatter floor that is covered by a standard cargo tray. The load bay becomes illuminated with an LED light when the vehicle’s tailgate is opened, the cargo area can be widened by lowering the rear seats, greatly enhancing the car’s ability to comfortably carry large bags and long items such as golf bags.

The 2019 Subaru Forester will be made available in five different variants; a base model that shall have 17 inch wheels and the rest will boast 18 inch wheels. Every model will have an enhanced version of the existing 2.5 litre boxer engine that previous foresters have been running on. The enhanced engine will feature a 12 horsepower improvement (making it 182 hp), and a 2 pound per foot improvement in its torque.

All variants of the car will feature Lineartronic CVT and a stop/start ignition button, the touring and sport models will be available in manual and shall have paddle shifters that shall mimic a 7 speed gearbox. The touring model of the Forester is going to be all about luxury with its heated steering wheel, heated rear seats and other features which will make the Tour model a joy to drive. The sports model will add more to the touring model by introducing LED fog lights, a spoiler on the rear roof, turn signals on the side mirrors and a fantastic grey interior with orange stitching.

The touring variant of the Subaru Forester will also be introducing the all new DriverFocus fatigue and distraction alert system, it shall make use of Subaru’s existing EyeSight features to detect signs of fatigue and distraction on the drivers face. The DriverFocus system will be able to recognize five different drivers at a time and will also remember the settings that they prefer for climate control, infotainment and more.

The Subaru Forester is loaded with technological innovation and promising goodies, the car shall become available in the end of 2018.