Best Used Wagon 2013: The Car Connection’s Picks

Let’s face it; Americans are biased against wagons. Whether it’s due to the associations that the Baby Boomer generation has with bloated, motion-sickness-inducing land yachts with names like Country Squire or Vista Cruiser, or to the idea that wagons represent parenting in some quaint way that’s more reprehensible than utility vehicles, crossovers, or even minivans, wagons get a bum rap.

Yet those of us who sample nearly every vehicle on the market can’t help but love them. Simply put, because the best used station wagons can pair the some of the best attributes of both worlds. When they’re really good, they combine rational, sensible utility-mindedness and versatility with the responsive driving manners of a sport sedan.

Besides, you can see it either way: Wagons, and their two-box design, are essentially lower, more rakish versions of crossovers; and likewise, crossovers are taller, often less fuel-efficient wagons that are also often less exciting to drive.